Vanuatu’s 2015 Spending Priorities

Vanuatu’s 2015 Spending Priorities

At this time of year the government begins thinking about where to allocate additional money for next year. Some of the broad focus areas have already been announced, but final decisions won’t be made until the end of this year. We don’t yet know how much money will be available, but last year over Vt700m were allocated to ‘new policy proposals’. If you were a minister, how would you spend an additional Vt500m next year?

With the debate continuing, it’s time to be part of the conversation.

Here is what they’ve set out so far….

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Dan McGarry

Dan McGarry is chief technologist at the Pacific Insititute of Public Policy. He has worked in the Pacific for over a decade now, assisting in numerous capacities in the development of ICTs in Vanuatu and the Pacific. He has extensive experience in technology policy formulation and implementation as well as in traditional and new media. He still writes software.