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The work of PiPP is helping people across the region to openly discuss critical issues that affect their lives, in a safe environment, and with access to information and knowledge that may be useful to them. Drawing on the region’s premier network of thought leaders, PiPP exists to stimulate and support informed and inclusive policy debate in and about the Pacific.

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Tote for money and BK: similarities and differences
Sweepstakes – the forerunners of bookmakers. The first sweepstakes appeared in ancient Rome and for a long time existed as the main form of betting on https://esportzbet.com/arcanebet. More than a hundred years ago, they were replaced by bookmakers, which provided much more opportunities for gambling people. But sweepstakes have not disappeared, today many bookmakers on their sites have a section with a sports betting for online bets.

Making bets is the only similarity between sweepstakes and bookmakers. The rest is just the differences. There are no coefficients in the sweepstakes, and the bookmaker is not a contender with whom a bet is made, the BC is only an intermediary organizing the rally and taking his percentage for mediation.