Profiling Vanuatu political parties

Profiling Vanuatu political parties

Ol Politikol Pati mo Muvmen Blong Vanuatu 2008 [PDF 1.1MB]

The political parties and groupings of Vanuatu 2008 [PDF 1.1MB]

A first of its kind in Vanuatu, this publication offers people interested in Vanuatu politics and Vanuatu’s many friends around the world up to date information about the political parties and movements which have shaped and will continue to shape the political landscape. For many of Vanuatu’s political parties, this is the first time they have had a chance to promote their platform and vision for the nation’s future on a national and international scale.

Providing accessible information to voters on political party platforms and policies is a crucial step to ensuring that political parties stay connected to voters’ everyday concerns. Political parties need strategies for communicating with the public about their ideas and policies. Without them, political parties can only rely on personality, family, kinship and money. These are all important, but voters need to be able to evaluate the promises made by their politicians before every election. This is what public scrutiny of government is all about. That this work represents the issues as the parties see them is therefore significant.

This booklet was supported by a series of discussions and workshops for young leaders and party officials as well as ongoing engagement with political parties. We deliberately undertook no analysis of the policy positions, instead providing a platform for all parties to engage with their constituents on the issues that matter to them.

This project was carried out in partnership with the Australian Labor Party International Projects Unit, with funding from the Australian Political Parties for Democracy Program.

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