Advisory Council

Last Updated on Wednesday, 9 May 2012 09:22

The Advisory Council provides advice to the Board and Management on issues of strategic and policy importance, including setting research and policy priorities for the Institute. Members of the Advisory Council are also called upon to provide peer review and support, including information dissemination and discussion for PiPP programs and initiatives. The Advisory Council comprises international scholars and policy practitioners with expertise in Pacific affairs. Current members include:

H.E. Ati George Sokomanu

Mr Hannington Alatoa

Mr Angus Barnes

Mr Ben Bohane

Chief Vincent Boulekone

Ms Virisila Buadromo

Mr Michael Burrell

Dr Satish Chand

Dr Simon Feeny

Dr Dan Gay&

Mr Ben Graham

Mr Mark Harradine

Mr Adrian Hewitt

Mr Aunese Makoi Simati

Ms Pricilla Maruariki

Mr John McWilliams

Ms Anna Mendiola

Professor Vijay Naidu

Mr Greg Rawling

Mr Benjamin Shing

Ms Tea Tira

Ms Paula Uluinaceva

Mr Ashley Wickham

Mr Chris Yankello

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PiPP is pleased to present its latest tool in understanding the state of mobile phone and internet use in Vanuatu. This infographic encapsulates the key findings from our 2011 study of social and economic effects of telecoms in Vanuatu. Please contact us for a printed copy or click here for the downloadable graphic.