Re-thinking the think tank!

Re-thinking the think tank!

The Pacific Institute of Public Policy is evolving into the

Established in 2007, we have served as the region’s premier think tank, leading the way in stimulating debate and informing new thinking through a Pacific lens on the issues that matter. Over the years we have achieved a great deal and have much to be proud, but given the rapidly changing landscape around us it is time to re-think how we engage. Harnessing the improvements in online connectivity and our ever expanding network of policy thinkers, we are forging new ways of public problem solving to better connect citizen need to government response. The mission stays the same – to stimulate and inform inclusive policy responses to our development challenges. But we are adapting our approach.

For now the PiPP website is no longer being regularly updated, although we will continue to publish important material as we can. In time we will bring the wealth of commentary, analysis and resources across to the as well as rolling out new ways of connecting research to the live policy debate.

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