ADB-Asian Think Tank Forum

ADB-Asian Think Tank Forum

PiPP is a founding member of the ADB–Asian Think Tanks Network which is an informal group of think tanks working on the areas of sustainable economic growth and inclusive development in the Asia-Pacific region. Founded in October 2013 during the 1st ADB–Asian Think Tank Development Forum, the network aims to enhance systematic knowledge sharing among member think tanks, specifically on development experiences and policy lessons strengthen the think tank’s capacity to generate knowledge or provide policy advice on its domain raise the region’s voice in the international arena on issues related to economic growth and inclusive development.

Currently, the network has 47 members from 26 countries in Asia and the Pacific region. The annual forum is designed to promote knowledge sharing on development practices and policy lessons; foster collaboration among network members; stimulate strong interest and commitment among network members in creating a self-sustaining knowledge network; and explore new, trending, and forecasted topics relevant to sustainable economic development. The knowledge sharing among the think tanks, which covers North–South or South–South, is particularly useful since many of them face similar challenges and circumstances. They bring together senior officials/staff of think tanks closely associated with central ministries of finance, economy, and planning are the targeted participants of the forum as they play a critical role in providing policy advice and sharing knowledge. Many of them are involved in supporting their governments in preparing medium- and long-term development plans, addressing emerging policy issues, and in cross-country knowledge sharing.

For PiPP this forum provides a useful platform to connect with some of Asia’s leading think tanks to share experiences and knowledge, both in terms of research topics and also in how to position as a think tank operating in emerging economies.

Events are sponsored by the Asian Development Bank under its regional technical assistance, Provision of Knowledge Products and Services to Developing Member Countries through Systematic Knowledge Sharing, funded by the Poverty Reduction and Regional Cooperation Fund of the People’s Republic of China.

PiPP board member, Odo Tevi, and executive director, Derek Brien, are forum alumni.

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